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September, 2018

Untitled Alex Jones Series

After the success of Debugged, Curiosity Stream And Wildlife Film Productions sign to make a new episodic series about Alex Jones and his adventures while filming animals on location. Each week, you will be able to witness Alex encounter dangerous animals, catch interesting and weird  insects and witness how films are made through his eyes. 

The Alex Jones Series is in development. In the meantime, you can still watch Alex on his shoots and adventures by following his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Instagram: @wildlifefilmpro

To watch DeBugged  Please visit

AUGUST, 2018


Alex Jones hosts and films his new blue-chip and adventure series, DeBugged. Backed by the incredible team of Curiosity Stream, Alex shrinks you down to the scale of an insect, the world of bugs becomes an exciting adventure. Filmed and created solely by Alex, you get a deep look into how Alex perceives the insect world.

In this six part series, each three-minute episode answers unique questions about insects using science and extreme macro cinematography. DeBugged brings these incredible animals to life, divulging qualities of the insects you never new were there. Einstein always said ‘The important thing is to not stop questioning.’ We intrigue the mind with how bees make identical honeycombs, What's the fastest insect on earth and where do dung beetles take their ball of... Dung? We enter into a unique world only seen with the most technologically advanced equipment and go beyond the scope of just seeing a bug on screen. DeBugged reveals nature’s curious adaptions. Presented in stunning 4K, through almost microscopic views, where art meets science. You will feel transported into the insect world. 

To watch DeBugged  Please visit

AUGUST, 2018

Wild California

Alex Jones makes 6 stunning episodes in his own new 4K series delivered to Smithsonian Earth and Blue Ant Media titled, Wild California. 

Wild California celebrates its amazing array of ecosystems as it portrays its most unique and wildest animals. Explore their world and transport yourself from what you thought was California into what seems like a safari around the world. You will never look at this "Golden State" the same way again.

Join us in six five-minute eye-catching episodes within California’s most diverse ecosystems. As we showcase it’s breathtaking beauty, a hero’s journey awaits. Each episode depicts one animal and highlights its most astonishing behavior and story. Through focusing on each animal through their individual story, California’s wildlife have the chance to be iconic characters. Through character development and beautiful imagery, this series is a blue chip series on a small scale.

Wild California pushes past the city atmosphere to immerse you into the truly wild and open world California has to offer. It’s a big state out there and your eyes deserve to see it.

To watch Wild California Please visit


Alex Jones (Owner of Wildlife Film Productions) Signs to deliver two separate high-end nature shows to deliver in 2018.


The first series Alex will make focuses specifically on insects. Giving the audience a sense of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", This series reveals unique secrets of the bug world. Answering scientific questions on how and why they have evolved certain bizare adaptations, whilst using stunning imagery you have never seen before. Alex is working with the rapidly growing network, Curiosity Stream INC. who have started just three years ago and now, one of the leading distributors in science and nature streaming content. The Series title? DeBugged.

Confidential Series

While Alex wants to keep the second series under confidentiality, The next series will deliver in late 2018 and has been in production. Alex is working with some of the most well known names in Wildlife Films on this series, Smithsonian and Blue Ant Media. Both of which have combined together to deliver high end content distribution. If you keep your eye out on Alex's Facebook page, you will see plenty of behind the scenes videos as well as live streams while filming. "This is a series I have been passionate about for a few years and I am happy to say that It's going to happen. I knew it would but don't take it the wrong way. It's because the area and species is impossible to not open your jaw at when you actually see it. You might know this place but when you watch this series, you will never see it the same way again." - Alex Jones

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