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Alex Jones hosts and films his new blue-chip and adventure series, DeBugged. Backed by the incredible team of Curiosity Stream, Alex shrinks you down to the scale of an insect, the world of bugs becomes an exciting adventure. Filmed and created solely by Alex, you get a deep look into how Alex perceives the insect world.

In this six part series, each three-minute episode answers unique questions about insects using science and extreme macro cinematography. DeBugged brings these incredible animals to life, divulging qualities of the insects you never new were there. Einstein always said ‘The important thing is to not stop questioning.’ We intrigue the mind with how bees make identical honeycombs, What's the fastest insect on earth and where do dung beetles take their ball of... Dung? We enter into a unique world only seen with the most technologically advanced equipment and go beyond the scope of just seeing a bug on screen. DeBugged reveals nature’s curious adaptions. Presented in stunning 4K, through almost microscopic views, where art meets science. You will feel transported into the insect world. 


Captured with the RED camera for the best quality available

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