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Wild California

Wild California celebrates its amazing array of ecosystems as it portrays its most unique and wildest animals. Explore their world and transport yourself from what you thought was California into what seems like a safari around the world. You will never look at this "Golden State" the same way again.

Join us in six five-minute eye-catching episodes within California’s most diverse ecosystems. As we showcase it’s breathtaking beauty, a hero’s journey awaits. Each episode depicts one animal and highlights its most astonishing behavior and story. Through focusing on each animal through their individual story, California’s wildlife have the chance to be iconic characters. Through character development and beautiful imagery, this series is a blue chip series on a small scale.

Wild California pushes past the city atmosphere to immerse you into the truly wild and open world California has to offer. It’s a big state out there and your eyes deserve to see it.


Captured with the RED camera for the best quality available

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