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Wildlife Film Productions Inc. was established in 2007 by the determined and enthusiastic wildlife cinematographer, Alex Jones, when he was just 18 years old. From the very outset, Alex dedicated his life to his passion and set ambitious goals to become one of the world's preeminent cinematographers.

Starting with virtually no industry connections, Alex tirelessly honed his skills independently. He was surrounded by little to none who shared his interest in creating high-end wildlife films, which prompted him to take matters into his own hands. Alex began producing and sharing his films on YouTube, gaining recognition for his captivating work, including a prestigious Panda Award at the esteemed Wildscreen in 2014, specifically for his documentary on elephant seals.

As he gradually connected with individuals in Bristol, England, opportunities began to materialize, albeit sporadically. Facing financial instability, Alex decided to transform his creative ideas into commissioned projects. He secured simultaneous commissions from two separate companies to conceive, film, and produce his own wildlife series. Remarkably, Alex single-handedly handled every aspect of these programs, from writing and narrating to color grading, sound design, editing, and more.

Following the successful completion of his shows for various SVOD's, Alex received an enticing offer from a Bristol-based company to serve as a Director of Photography (DOP) on a new series aligned with his interests. This venture prompted him to relocate to Bristol, where he completed the project and further solidified his reputation as a talented wildlife cinematographer.

Since then, Alex Jones has maintained a rigorous filming schedule, working approximately 300 days a year for some of the industry's foremost companies on leading wildlife programs. Renowned for his expertise in macro and long-lens work, he has earned acclaim as one of the finest wildlife cameramen in the field.

Having achieved his goals as the Head DOP on several blue-chip programs, Alex now possesses the experience, equipment, and facilities necessary to once again produce his own programs. He operates a dedicated wildlife filmmaking studio in Austin, Texas, while also residing in the wildlife-rich surroundings of Costa Rica. Notably, Alex has purchased 20 hectares (50 acres) of primary rainforest teeming with wildlife, a resource he intends to utilize for future shoots and rentals.

Looking ahead, Alex Jones remains committed to pursuing his passion for wildlife filmmaking for prestigious companies, while also continuing to create commissioned programs. His journey is an inspiring testament to what one can achieve through unwavering dedication and a love for the natural world.


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